Angela Blanchard

MA (Hons), Dip HE, MSc (Counselling Psychology), Reg. MBACP Counselling in Dunston Heath, Staffordshire

07443 652095

A person-centred approach to problems with living

People often ask, "What is therapy?" There are many different types of therapy (also known as 'counselling' and 'psychotherapy'), and many different ideas about what it is and how it can help. Here are just a few general ideas about what therapy is, and why we might sometimes need it:

Therapy is time set aside by you and the therapist to look at what has brought you to therapy. This might include talking about life events, (past and present), feelings, emotions, relationships, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour.

BACP information sheet C2, 2013

As a counsellor, I see myself as a fellow traveller, a supportive and empowering companion to you, if you are travelling a difficult path. My aim is to offer empathic understanding and acceptance, seeing each one of us as a worthwhile individual in our own right, whatever journey we are on.

I have chosen the harebell, also known as the 'Scottish bluebell,' as the emblem for my counselling practice as it is a beautiful, fragile-looking flower, and yet can thrive in the harshest conditions - just like the human spirit.

Welcome to my website, feel free to browse and explore, and if you feel like I might be someone who can help you, contact me.

BACP Registered